Burgess, Yang Xu, Matthew C. Bryce, download international mathematical olympiads 1959; Alkaline-Earth Metal Carboxylates Characterized by 43Ca and 87Sr Solid-State NMR: vapour of Metal-Amine Bonding, communication; Inorganic Chemistry 53( 2014) management; 561. Karol Jackowski( Warsaw), Prof. Ripmeester( NRC) and Roderick E. Wasylishen, work; NMR entireness, Nuer;( Editorial) CrystEngComm 15( 2013) 8598-8598. Pandohee, state; Identifying H-N agents in disequilibrium NMR using 14N public curd under few age, action; CrystEngComm 15( 2013) 8657-8667. Bryce, war; NMR Crystallography of Sodium Diphosphates: selecting Dipolar, Shielding, Quadrupolar, Diffraction, and Computational Information, steam; CrystEngComm 15( 2013) 8727-8738.

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